Red Rover Kids was born out of a desire to make our lives easier. We noticed that although our children had loads and loads of clothing, we only dressed them in a handful of favorites. Clothing that was simple, beautiful and made from soft fabrics was what we reached for over and over again. Clothes that we would want to wear if we were kids. It wasn’t long until we realized our kids didn’t need all the clothes. Instead, a few quality pieces in simple, go-anywhere styles would allow for a minimal wardrobe we both could love.   

Our mission is to keep your family centered around the moments that matter most. Our simple, go-anywhere styles are the perfect pieces for your child's minimal wardrobe. Less buying and less washing gives you more time to soak up all the best moments of everyday family life.

We believe that the very best life has to offer is found when life is slow and love is present. We design clothing that feels as lovely as it looks giving you even more of a reason to hold that hug a little longer and enjoy the fleeting moments of childhood just a little bit more.   

It would be an honor to see our products in your beautiful life. Please tag us on Instagram @shoplovelennie